Home sweet home ☺️💗
Time for a last swim before heading home...🙃 thank you #Taipei ! 🙏🏻
all time fav - white top and blue jeans 👖🌷
Going for a refreshing swim after a long day sightseeing 😇 #Taiwan
Special entrance to the pool 🏊🌸 #Taipei
Sunday chill after a last minute trip to #Taipei 😉😎💋💋💋💋
Match day ! 👟⚽️❤️ #loveofthegame
I'm back home!🤗 mi sei mancato amore mio❤️❤️❤️
Time to say goodbye, Had such a magical time in #Bali 🙏🏻🌴🌺✨
Last day in this gorgeous island 😩🌴💙
Blending in with nature🌱☀️
My favorite outfit for the beach 👒🌊 #Indonesia
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