Maria Sharapova  

On the rooftop of Galerie Lafayette launching #EvianOversize 👶🏼. Loved everything about last night...oversize babies, oversize hoodies ( although I did give it some shape to make them a bit more attractive 🙈), and oversize smiles.
Really focused on getting those @evianwater baby 👶🏼 signatures done 🤷🏼‍♀️
On my way to meet my #EvianOversize Baby 👶🏼. Taking over @evianwater Insta account tonight so follow along for some fun behind the scenes snaps. Can't wait to share the new baby campaign, it could be the best one yet 😉 #Paris
Elevator takes
Windows. South of France
That summer feeling. Just around the corner. With beach waves, sun kissed skin and @supergoop SPF of course.
A fan wrote this inspiring letter to me in Rome and the paragraph about beauty is really powerful. Red lips and showing boobs made me 😂🤣😹 but the core of this message really stands out. Be yourself, your true self. That's beautiful. That's why today I'll wear men's oversized layers, hair in a bun, clunky shoes...🤷🏼‍♀️😂 What does it mean to be beautiful? Not really caring about standards, red lips, showing boobs, sex appealing, not needing make up, wearing only what makes you feel like yourself, be free of appearing and being amazing, and defining new standards, a true confidence between yourself and your body, that fierce look in your eyes.
@sugarpova chocolate 🍫 is now available in over 200 @7eleven stores. So I celebrated with a... Slurpeeee 😁🎉
A nice little romantico video the @wta made from the Colosseum visit yesterday
The Colosseum before sunset
The Coliseum.
Love this shot. Whoever took it, thank you!
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