Maria Sharapova  

Introducing Wendy and Stardust 😉#WeAreAvailable
A night at the MET 😉 #OnFilm
Always an honor to work with @annieleibovitz_
On set with @AnnieLeibovitz_ 📸#NYC
Because these Nike sculpting pants are en 🔥and then there's Yutaka... who thinks just cause he's in LA he can get away with that look... 👀
When it's just you and white painted lines. And really chilly air. And you're just plugging along..
#TBT candid shot on the set of @headtennis_official with @hairbyadir's hand always in the shot 🤔
I'm taking over @supergoop's account today, and starting off with my fave gym bag must-haves. All the things that I will be using in the upcoming training months! Working hard and staying #sunsafe together. #Supergoop365
So much fun hosting a morning workout with @supergoop and @bodybysimone to start off the year with #healthyhabits #protectyourposse
On the set of @headtennis_official 😉
April 26 Stuttgart
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