Maria Sharapova  

Picture from last weeks Times Magazine UK by @bjorniooss
This place 😍
Just a few more suitcases than my previous trips 😂
An SPF in a skin absorbing mousse formula?! Yes!! @supergoop keeps innovating and I got to test out the new products during training. This time, the Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50 now available online and at @sephora. Fun few videos and pictures from the past few months. ☀️
When the practice court has architectural ceiling wooden beams. 😍 #Inspired
One step forward ✈️🇩🇪
Last little gym sweat 👊🏻
My fave emoji 💁🏼
Birthday morning filled with so much ❤️. 30, but still a little girl when I receive hand written cards and wrapped 🎁's.
Ahhh finally, the book cover!! At the end of 2015, I decided to write a memoir. This September, those pages will finally be published.( Crazy!! 😱) It's not easy to be the judge of your own work, but I can proudly say I have poured everything into it. It's strong, yet it's filled with vulnerability I didn't know I was willing to share. Life is a tricky thing...! There's no right or wrong answer to any of exam everrrr! Everyone's life journey is so special to say the least...fulfillment, setbacks, love, struggles, comebacks (anyone? 😉) ...the list goes on! All the things I share inside the pages of my book. I couldn't believe so many of you have already pre ordered the book last week and got it to Barnes and Noble #1 Selling spot. Thank you so much!! ❤️ Link in bio for all the pre orders. #UNSTOPPABLE
Just a few more days!! 😍
Because it's so bright out past midnight 🙄🕶
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