Maria Sharapova  

Thank you @pagesabookstore for this beautiful display. My favorite little bookstore sure surprised me 😍SIGNED copies of #Unstoppable available there now
Loved this @davidkomalondon LBD #BattleOfTheSexes
Premiere of #BattleOfTheSexes Glam by @hairbyadir @karayoshimotobua @chercoulter
Any day I get to wear wide legged a great day #ootd #Unstoppable at @barnesandnoble
This happened last night, it really did and I can't say thank you enough. 😊 To all 4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣+ !! of you!! #Unstoppable
That morning feeling like...did I really just get through that 4 day book press tour with 15 hours of sleep? 😬Good look, right? 🙄
#OOTD I really want to credit the Blondie Tee but it's made in a warehouse in LA...soooo crediting that 🤷🏼‍♀️Just wrapped up the online live autograph session...I heard we sold over 900 with signatures.... 😳😳😳 You guys are da best!!!
Last day!!! Here we go! #Unstoppable
Two more #Unstoppable book signings today! A live online signing at 3pm ET ( order your book on and I will sign it during that time) and If you're in LA, come join us at 7pm at Barnes & Noble The Grove. Side note, feeling pretty zombie right about now so this boomie feels appropriate 😱🤷🏼‍♀️
Behind all the prep, glamour, interviews, are just three friends sharing laughs, slice (S) of pizza, and mini bar smores 🙈. All in the midst of clothing racks and roll out beds! Thank you beauties for making these last days incredible!! And @stregisnewyork for a cozy stay!
The best part of the past 3 days has been spending these little moments with all of you and signing your copy of #Unstoppable. It still doesn't feel quite real. Thank you so so much for your support!! ❤️ Here is a little time lapse from the #SummitOfGreatness signing.
Arrivals and departures in Columbus ✌🏻#RollingStones
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