Live fast, run slow. New trailer out today, not to brag but it looks prettttty darrrn cool 😎Memorial Day weekend can't come soon enough! #beBaywatch
I'm only here for the hot coco!
🎤 strolling down 5th with my mom and sis! 🚖❄️
🌴🌴🌴 @michaelkors #sidewalkspotted
wandering around with @michaelkors #sidewalkspotted 🍍
I won a super bowl last night! 💁🏼#crazierthingshavehappened
They don't call it pebble beach for nothing!
Lifeguarding is a sport right?? So fun to see the #baywatch trailer played at the Super Bowl! Let's go pats!! 🔥🔥🔥#superbeach
Namastaying here forever. Location, vacation. Working hard, hardly working. I can keep going... #punsfordays
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