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I'm so exited to be presenting my fashion line at NYFW! It's a dream come true! Can't wait for the world to see our Spring 2018 collection! Link in bio. #EvaLongoriaCollection #NYFW17
#PrayForBarcelona #WeAreAllBarcelona #TodosSomosBarcelona 🇪🇸🙏🏼
The power of theatre. Every time I see this musical, I cry, I laugh, I feel and I think. This musical tells the truth and it's fascinating to watch it all unfold. It's also important to see how history repeats itself. Thank you to #LinManuelMiranda for creating such an important piece that moves people!
Check out people.com featuring me in one of my favorite dresses from the Eva Longoria Collection! Link in bio. @evalongoriacollection @people #EvaLongoriaCollection #People #StarStyletoSteal
Buenos días everyone! #HappyTuesday 💐 📸by: L'Oreal
Dinner Time! 🍷
Happy Monday!
Excited to be Honorary Chair for the first Women’s Empowerment Luncheon & Speakers Panel on September 28 in San Francisco - Bay Area. Join me, along with many other Motivational Speakers, for an inspiring and interactive afternoon. For more info on how to buy your tickets click on the link of @globalgiftusa #WESF17 #GGFUSA #EvaLongoriaFoundation #BetterTomorrows #WEInspireChange
Thanks @tarajiphenson And @goconstance For posting this. #Repost @goconstance ・・・ THIS!!! THANK YOU #govterrymcauliffe for STANDING UP! & #SPEAKTheTRUTH! Naming the hate for what it is.
Amen 🙏🏻 I'm constantly asking myself, what more can I do to help this country. To help Americans who suffer everyday. My heart breaks to see what happened in Charlottesville but we can't stay on the sideline. We all gotta help to fix this. This cannot define who we are, who America is. Hate DOES NOT define us. Thx for your words @Common #Repost @common ・・・ Today as I saw what was going on in Charlottesville,Va., I couldn't help but feel sad, angry, and like "what is going on in America?" I had just landed from London and was thinking how good it was to be home. But then I started to think it's tough when people in your home don't want to accept you and spew out hatred and negative energy towards you and people who look like you and other people who don't look like them. I heard a pundit on the news say, "this isn't America!" BUT IT IS! This has been America since it began looking down on others (Native Americans, Black people, Latino People, Jewish People). This has always been apart of the American DNA. For sure there are other aspects to America that are beautiful, positive and the reason why I felt good when I touched down on the American soil. However, these ugly parts need to be addressed. Yes I felt like snapping today myself for a second but then I thought about my purpose and who I'm here to serve and that's GOD and The people! The movement needs GOD and Spirituality especially looking in the face of evil. GOD will allow us to respond on A GODLY Level with a Higher vibration. That doesn't mean we won't defend ourselves but I do believe that doing the work is our greatest defense. We got work to do in our communities, our homes, supporting our businesses that are for the good of people and electing local and state politicians who share in this positive vision and are down for what we believe in. And if we can figure out the best way to express Love to other human beings, hate won't have a chance! GOD Bless. Love #charlotsville
Omg @Maluma I'm already obsessed with this song! Felicidades my friend! Everyone go check it out because my brother @wilmervalderrama is in the video! Who knew he was a video vixen! 😉 #Repost @maluma ・・・ Ya lo vieron?? #feliceslos4VersionSalsa @marcanthony 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Make a wish beautiful woman! You deserve it and so much more! @melanie_griffith57 #BirthdayWeek
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