Coco Rocha  

For today’s #NomadModelMonday I’d like to introduce you to one of the male models we manage at #NomadMGMT, #DanielMcSweeney. We’ve represented Daniel for about 2 years at @NomadMGMT and you may recognize him as a favorite of @GivenchyOfficial over the last few seasons. He grew up with a love for music, focusing on piano and flute since age 4 and graduating college having majored in music performance. Today he's still passionate about writing music, lyrics and poetry as well as being an avid gardener. We love representing models with diverse interests! Follow him and his adventures at @danielmcsw33n3y!
🐎 pssst, the answer is *d* 🏆 #cranium
Ioni's Pizza Night!! 🍕 @ioniconran
Love Will Tear Us Apart
We live at a time in history when those of different religious groups, beliefs and lifestyles often find themselves unwelcome in a great many places around the world. I've had the great privilege of studying the Bible at local meetings of Jehovah's Witnesses in many countries. In every land, the teachings of love and peace are always consistent and have truly made me a better wife, mother and citizen. The Ministry of Justice in Russia recently filed a claim with the Supreme Court seeking to declare #JehovahsWitnesses as an "extremist organization" and to ban their activities. Respectfully, I feel this is an egregious misapplication. Jehovah’s Witnesses are known around the world as peaceful and respectful citizens of which ever country we live in. Globally we encourage love of God, love of family and love of neighbor, regardless of background, faith or belief. Under no circumstances would we ever resort to any activity that could legitimately be construed as “extremist” or criminal in nature. This was legally established in the 2010 ruling on our behalf by the European Court of Human Rights. On April 6th this new case against Jehovah's Witnesses will be decided in Russia and I do hope that when I next come to visit that country for work, that myself and the more then 170,000 Witnesses who live in Russia will maintain the same religious freedoms and liberty that are afforded to other organizations. To think that we could be criminally prosecuted, merely for meeting for worship, reading the Bible together, or talking to others about our faith would indeed be a great miscarriage of justice - Coco Rocha
Made it home from Vietnam just in time for my friend @christopherniquet's book launch at @marcjacobs @thebookmarc in New York. His book #ModelsMatter is a real testimony to some of the greatest models of the last century.
Thanks to the sweet and talented @phuong_my for dressing me for the @nomadmgmt_vn festivities here in Ho Chi Minh City! #NomadMGMT
‪Never in my life have I had such a warm welcome as when I landed in Ho Chi Minh City. So much love for #Vietnam. #NomadMGMT‬
Can't believe the welcome I had right off the plane here in Vietnam today. Thank you all who came out, next stop the signing ceremony of @nomadmgmt_vn! #nomadmanagement #Vietnam
Back at the airport. Next stop is Vietnam to launch @nomadmgmt's first ever Asian office, @nomadmgmt_vn. I'm so incredibly proud of the work this team has done in the last year since we started this adventure together and I can't wait to see where the next year takes us. When you work with people you love, it doesn't really feel like work at all.
Tonight with the fabulous and talented @mkdreambeautiful judges before we picked the 3 new faces of #MaryKay, live in Hong Kong! #MKdreambeautiful #BeautyTransforms
Today's #NOMADmodelmonday post is very special indeed! I'm thrilled to announce that my agency @NomadMGMT is expanding! Tomorrow I'm flying into Ho Chi Minh City to finalize a strategic partnership between Nomad Management and DatVietVAC Group to launch Nomad Management Vietnam!!! Stay tuned to my insta for all the events and follow @nomadmgmt_vn! I heard some of you are planning to greet me at the airport tomorrow which is SO SWEET - I can't wait to meet more of you in person at our Fan Meeting on the 22nd too! Xx
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