Always stay CocoLicious in a mesh bodysuit My lingerie line can be found on Amazon or get this piece in the link in my bio ...Swipe left for more pics (FYI the nipples are photoshopped out because it can't be seen here.. People always ask me that so there you have it!)
Chanel is a true definition of a best friend.. No matter what, this little munchkin is always by my side (Matching tops by @glamcitydoll)
Since everybody is trying to make a big deal about my braids let me tell you how I feel.... I'm trying to nip this in the bud now.. (Watch the next post for a continuation of this video)
Part 2 of how I feel about my braids.Let's put this to rest and worry about real issues we have in this world
Its one of those maxi dresses kinda days.I 💖 when they have cool backs too! (I know your gonna ask this is from @fashionnova & like always if u buy anything on that site use the code "Coco" and you'll get a 15% off discount )
Still enjoying my braids ..I have to admit the first 3 days the tightness killed me around the scalp but its a nice Summer look .. Thank u @therealmisssmod for spending 8 hrs on them!
My family dragged me out for a shooting session, before I left AZ a couple weeks ago (my dad and Ice love their guns) I was of course in "Coco attire"
Come peek inside the "Coco Cave"! Now in the new issue of @shoeholics Mag.. You'll love these pics,great for your Coco collection! (Get your free copy when u go to )
Its finally out! @shoeholics Magazine! The only shoe mag out there! I've been a fan of it for years and now me & my closet make our presence 👡👜👠👢💄👛 Go here for your copy- Or link is in the bio
My new braids! I call um Da Coco Swoop.. I wanted a little change up for the Summer Thank you to my honey bun @therealmisssmod always doing a great job with my braids (2am on Snapchat..Search Coco to find me) Oh and by the way.. I name all the braid styles I do even hair styles with no braids .. Its a cute thing I do.. I have many weird Coco-isms do
A little root touch up by my girl @cattnu_hair before I put braids in my hair... Thank you @blusalon And I know your gonna ask this,my dress is from @cutebootylounge
Here's one of those mini videos I promised I'd post from my lingerie shoot....📽📽📸
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