Rainy day hats😍😍😍 (Hats by- @plumsauce_bling)
Did this fun @Eurekavacuums promotion with Chanel in Soho - I guess I’m a clean freak and you know I love my shoes 💋👠 #ad #eureka  #cleanfreak #conquertheworld
Every time I go out I got to hit that pose! Loving this mesh dress from @fashionnova with mesh heels (Use coupon code Coco when shopping with them and get 15% off)
Checking the elevation...🛩
Nothing like some red Loubs on a cold fall day #CocoOnTheGo👠
Ice always says, "You don't need a jet, you just need a friend with a jet". Flying to Boston for the Art Of Rap Concert tonight. Thanks to our friend @marcoandretti ✈
I would normally wear heels with this outfit but matching with Chanel is just too special to me.I do it for her every now and then.... @minimelissaofficial makes the cutest shoes.. Thanks to my girls @cattnu_hair and @beautyby_bella for our color!
Salon Day with my sis & Chanel at @blusalon .. Snaps from earlier Kristy page- @angelbabynaz Chanel page- @babychanelnicole
When your sister says in the middle of her yoga class to get up and demonstrate..I guess I still got the hang of it.. Literally..... #Acroyoga
Catching up on posts- Met a cool pumpkin man the other day ..the enchanted garden was super dope so creative. The pumpkins were craved so well they look like real men..and the last pic Chanel hoped on a platform and broke out in split
Last chance for yoga class with my sister today!! Watch video
Guess what? After a week of my sister teaching different styles of yoga in Edgewater NJ ..We've decided to add one more class before she leaves.. It will be held this Sunday Nov 5th at 4pm at @roots_wellness115 BUT this time we're letting you decide what style of yoga would you like my sister to teach..for instance like Acro, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Restorative or a Chakra balancing class.. Whatever gets the most votes wins (Oh and BTW I will be attending too like I always do!)
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