Chloe Lattanzi  

Me and my boo. Um we love twilight. Like a lot! Like ridiculously into it. I know the background stories of all the characters. I felt like coming out of the closet. Just finished watching the whole saga tears running down my face wishing I was a vampire. James's middle name is Edward. Ha! Ya. Im obsessed with Harry Potter as well. Real life is just to damn boring. Give me magic! Mortality sucks.
Loosing balance gracefully
Look at my cutie. Her nickname is pickle.
Do u guys know what I'm talking about? Those lights u can sit under so you don't jump off a bridge?
Morning. Still here. 😂😜
When u fall down at the party, and don't wanna get up cuz zebra print carpet goes awesome with my outfit 😭😭😂😂😂😂 happy bday uncle mommy #frankly #mukkamukka
Movie making. See you soon Cali and all my loved ones! I've been so lonely without u
Happy Valentine's Day @equestriandesigns I love you guys! Can't wait for our next season!
Happy Valentine's Day. I'm being cheated on. And she's a real dog 😂😂😂😂😂😘 love you @jamesdriskill love u my peanut!
Hi my name is balls. Nice to meet you. 😂😂😂😂 love you heather
I wish you knew me before you called me stupid. I wish human beings didn't have such lust for ripping others hearts out. I'm a woman you will never truly know. Best glimpse in to my soul is through my music. I have dealt with presumptions about my character and judgements about who I am since I was a little girl. Jus pretend I'm not Olivia's daughter. Just a woman like any other wanting to post pretty pics on Instagram. I'm not getting to know you through a photo, you aren't catching a glimpse of my inner being through Instagram. So I beg of you. Don't presume to know me. Because when you do and call me dumb or whatever nasty choice of words you choose, your lowering yourself down to a lower level. And your comments say everything about who you are, and nothing to do with who I am. I'm just a normal woman who happened to be born into he public eye. And I don't like it. If I wasn't my moms daughter no one would be calling me dumb and whatever. So basically I know if your mean at heart this wont impact you at all. But human to human. Why hate when you can love? Why hate when you can just walk away with hurtful words left unspoken. Anyways I'm exited to start filming this new movie it's gonna be fun and silly and I'm just doing it all for fun. So may all your dreams come true, and if your heart is sensitive like mine. I feel u. And I hold you in my heart. There's to much jealousy presumption anger and pain in this world. All I wanna do is spread a little light. That's all. Im flesh blood and heart. I love you
Feeling feline #swancoast meow so exited for filming my Kittens!!! #leopardprintlover #the80'slive #equestriandesigns #maclipstick
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