Britney Spears  

I love my backyard 🍃No sneaky paps here!! 😉
Always love working with @mariotestino. Still one of my favorite shoots!
Had an amazing time celebrating my brother's birthday yesterday! 🎉
Missing the water already... #tbt
Absolutely lovely 🌸
Cameron Diaz posted this and considering I'm obsessed with my garden I had to repost!!! I've been a huge fan since Something About Mary and still am 💛💛💛 The yellow ones are the sweetest though 😉🍅
Happy Easter 💛💚❤️💙💞
Beautiful day in Malibu with @samasghari 💙💙💙
What would we like to share today?
Spring is here!!! 🌷🌷🌷
So cute!! Wish this was my lunch today 💛💜💙
Let’s make the last shows count, Vegas!! Tickets to the final #PieceOfMe dates are now on sale!
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