Bella Hadid  

windows to the soul...🔮 @diormakeup
6am call times and 15 hour days but this makes it all worth it ❤️ #parissunrise #thankful 🌇
@papermagazine @karlie.floss ❌❌
Hi @karlie.floss ❤️
@papermagazine STYLED BY @KARLIE.FLOSS This cover is extra special to me-- ☄☄☄ My great new friend Fucci and I decided to collaborate together and he CAME THRU from Atlanta to NYC to style me and creative direct this whole cover and story...AS HIS FIRST SHOOT EVER! 😳😍I'm so proud of you fucc. It's truly rare to be able to have a vision and transform someone, and you DID JUST THAT! 🙏🏼You excelled and shocked us all more than any expectations. (Wasn't surprised though.) You set your mind to something and you GOT IT! 🤘🏼🤘🏼Overly proud of u. 🍻 to a long friendship and career! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Me and my toys 😈 @russelljames
Tomorrow 🙏🏼
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